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Optimizing Your Plant Through Automation Systems Integration

Cutting-Edge Automation Integration and IIoT Solutions

Malisko offers a full suite of services that work well independently or together. From implementing plant floor controls and process automation systems to industrial information technology (IT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoTsolutions, we’re committed to helping you reach your business goals faster.

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Past Projects, Industry Trends, Expertise Insight From Our Own Engineers

As the industry’s leading IIoT solutions and systems integrator company, the team at Malisko believes in keeping our clients informed. Our engineers frequently review past projects and craft articles to offer insight and explore industry trends related to product automation. Check out our latest posts today!

Industries Served

Offering Superior Services to a Wealth of Clients

With decades of combined experience in various industries, our specialists have completed projects for a comprehensive application range, from new automation process installations to existing system upgrades. Your plant is different than anyone else’s. So are your goals and challenges. Whether you’ve already invested in some automation or are starting from the beginning, we’ll come in where you need us. Regardless of your manufacturing capabilities, we can help you improve your operation by implementing tailored solutions tailored to your unique business objectives.

Our Purpose

At Malisko, our team aims to Make Meaningful Connections Across the Enterprise by developing long-term client relationships delivering the industry’s highest-quality services. We prioritize strong moral and ethical principles by communicating clearly and transparently throughout the entire process, and we adhere to a strong list of core values. Our specialists focus on preparation and a comprehensive understanding of each client’s processes to ensure we do the job right the first time.

Whether starting from scratch or expanding on an existing platform, we can tailor a solution to your organization’s needs. Our specialists will meet with your team members to better understand your operational requirements and expectations, then design a plan to improve efficiency, increase productivity and reduce overall costs.

Certifications, Partnerships and Associations

Malisko leverages the power of collaboration by developing relationships with the industry’s most recognized associations, from our partnerships with Rockwell Automation, Cisco and other leading technology companies to our Control Systems Integrators Association (CSIA) certification. These relationships and achievements stress our commitment to expanding our knowledge, keeping current with innovative trends and delivering top-class system integration solutions.

Cisco Integrator Parnet | Malisko Engineering
CSIA Certified

Benefits of Partnering With a World-Class Systems Integrator Company


Maximize Success & Minimize Costs

Our engineers utilize the most practical and efficient technology to deliver optimized results.

Our proven solutions lead to increased profit margins and lower operational costs.

Improve Operational Inefficiencies

Every system in your plant must operate at peak efficiency to boost your bottom line.

Our team strives to gain a thorough understanding of your needs and goals to identify every opportunity for improvement.


Reduce Risk

Automation is critical for improving consistency, staying proactive and successfully mitigating issues as they arise.

Automating functions in your system ensures your machinery runs correctly every time.

Justify Capital Investment

Our state-of-the-art processes deliver fast returns on your investment, from maintaining consistency and increasing efficiency to eliminating risk and maximizing security.

We provide solutions that cut operational costs and increase productivity while raising profit margins.

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