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Ever heard of “Smart Manufacturing”? Of course you have. But we have a different spin on this industry buzz word, and it’s rooted in practical experience. To really understand how a systems integrator is helping move the needle with our customers, page through our e-book experience and learn what it means to Manufacture Smart. Or, download a copy!

To understand how Malisko Makes Meaningful Connections Across the Enterprise, see how our unique offerings overlay onto the Purdue Model depicted below. Malisko spans these 5 distinct layers delivering value to personas at every level.

Plant Floor Control & Process Automation Solutions

Malisko is an award-winning industrial control systems integrator specializing in the Process Industries. This has been our core business for over 30 years helping manufacturers leverage industrial automation to scale and optimize their operations.

IT/OT Convergence

Malisko has the unique ability to bridge the gap between IT and OT with
our Industrial Network, Security, and Information Specialists. We have credibility with both sides of the house and gain trust based on our practical experience implementing IT best practices in OT environments.

Manufacturing Intelligence

Malisko takes data and reporting to the next level, literally. Data modeling, visualization, and analytics are increasingly moving to the cloud, and we have the unique skillsets required to unify disparate systems across the enterprise along with OT subject matter expertise to provide the context needed for data-driven insights.

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