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Making Meaningful Connections Across the Enterprise

At our very core, Malisko is a technology company. But what we really do is connect people, process, and technology. We make those connections across the enterprise by adhering to a strong list of core values.

Hire Intelligent People With Great Attitudes

We provide technology solutions, but at the end of the day we’re a people company. Being knowledgeable about industrial automation and operational technology is only part of the picture. The intelligent mind is open to new ideas, information, and contradictory viewpoints. A great attitude is characterized by thinking positively, being adaptable, seeing the good in others, and recognizing opportunities for personal growth.

Listen, Define, Then Design

Listening is to hear something with thoughtful attention, and to listen is to empathize. We strive to truly understand what makes our customers tick, and more importantly what keeps them up at night. We deliver the most value when we achieve this alignment, and only then can we define requirements, set expectations, and finally get to designing and deploying systems.

Do The Right Thing

We adhere to strong moral and ethical principles, and we believe doing the right thing is the foundation of building strong, long-lasting relationships. Respect, honesty, and transparency among our employees, suppliers, and customers allows us to do more together. And making these meaningful connections is our passion!

Get It Done Right

You are either going to do it right, or you’re going to do it over. Understanding and embracing your role alongside owning your work product is “doing it right.” We are quality-focused and take pride in our work. We seek peer input, we test, and we scrutinize because we want our customers to feel as good about a project as we do.

Share Knowledge

Knowledge is power, but sharing knowledge is more powerful. The value of knowledge diminishes if you’re the only one who can make something better because of it. As technical people, we need understanding, context, insight, and information to drive innovation. Across the organization, diverse contributions to our collective knowledge drives best-practices, standards, and doing it right.

Raise The Bar

We hold high standards and expectations for ourselves. We challenge the status quo and we’re not okay with doing less than we are capable of. Fostering an innovative culture promotes the use of logic, reason, and creativity to develop solutions that deliver value. When we expect more from ourselves and others, innovative ideas come to life.

Have Fun

Fun in our lives is a key element of happiness. Enjoying time with peers and customers in a relaxed & fun work environment brings honest and open discussion building trust in one another. Fun at work helps us achieve higher levels of wellbeing where the work part of the work/life balance is actually enjoyable and fulfilling.

Servicing Manufacturers is Serving Society

We make meaningful connections across the enterprise, but it is our customers who are connecting with the world, meeting the needs and wants of humanity. We are fortunate to be a key contributor to serving society by virtue of the diverse products and services our customers bring to the market. We apply smart technologies driving manufacturing innovation for the greater good. This is bigger than ourselves. This is the most meaningful connection.
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