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A significant advantage in selecting a Rockwell Automation solution is the large service and support network available throughout not only North America but globally allowing customers to choose from literally thousands of Rockwell System Integrators. With their high standards and distinguished reputation, selecting a recognized Rockwell System Integrator from Rockwell’s System Integrator Program will increase your project’s likelihood of success.

Recognized Rockwell System Integrators, such as Malisko, commit to delivering the highest Rockwell based technical solution and customer service. Rockwell System Integrators are recognized integrators are competent in providing Rockwell Solutions and have a mutually supportive relationship with Rockwell and the local distributors.

Rockwell GOLD System Integrators, however, are an extremely select group of Rockwell System Integrators that differentiate themselves as not only proven and trusted industry leaders with domain expertise but also demonstrate financial stability, high standards and capabilities to deliver solutions across a broad geography.

Malisko Engineering has deployed hundreds of Rockwell systems over the years from simple, single unit, PanelView based systems to complex, plant-wide PlantPAx systems. These systems include design, development, and deployment of everything from the field devices and the industrial network architecture to the critical information needed in the control room to optimally run the process and serving up information in a useful and concise manner to the decision makers in the back office. We utilize Rockwell’s technologies to develop an optimal solution that works for you. Our domain expertise in both process control and Rockwell solutions elevate us beyond just a Rockwell System Integrator. It’s why Rockwell recognizes Malisko Engineering as a GOLD System Integrator Partner in Control, Process, Power, and Information.
Rockwell Automation’s System Integrator program is centered around the technology disciplines System Integrators can leverage to deliver business solutions. To help ensure success, Rockwell Automation offers on-demand and in-person training materials and support to build competency in the capabilities that best fit their business strategy.

Malisko has mastered each one of Rockwell Automation’s program disciplines.

Control | Visualization | General Motion | Machine Safety | Mechatronics | Digital Engineering

Malisko Engineering’s solutions include several verified implementations of Rockwell Automation’s Integrated Architecture, which is the key component in being recognized as having expertise in Control under the System Integrator Program. Rockwell’s Integrated Architecture converges control and information, delivering plant-wide optimization built on five Industry Leading Features and five Core Technologies.

Industry Leading Features

Multiple Disciplines: Functionality for a full range of automation applications with common equipment and standards.

Scalable Dimensions: Offerings that are right-sized by product, architecture, and core multiple discipline functionality.

EtherNet/IP: A single IT-friendly network for enterprise and industrial applications.

Real-Time Information: Actionable data shared by your control and business systems.

Knowledge Integration: Device and system integration designed to maximize and secure your intellectual property.

Core Technologies

Logix: Scalable, flexible, programmable automation controllers with a common control engine and development environment.

Kinetix: World-class, high-performance motion control.

Stratix: Scalable network solutions for any application and network requirements.

View: Visualization products that provide critical, real-time data for every industry, application, and manufacturing environment.

PowerFlex: Variable speed motor control for applications from low to medium voltage, simple to complex.

PlantPAx® | Batch | FactoryTalk® Brew

Designing, developing and delivering PlantPAx applications successfully is the key requirement for the Rockwell Process System Integrator discipline.

PlantPAx provides customers a world-class, modern distributed control system built on Rockwell’s Integrated Architecture utilizing standard-based architecture. Malisko Engineering’s experience includes several PlantPAx deployments in both Greenfield and Brownfield expansions, replacements of antiquated DCS-based control systems, and modernizations of legacy Rockwell-based control systems.

Low Voltage Drives | LV Drive Systems | MCC | Medium Voltage

Power System Integrator Partners have a distinct skill set in the specification, configuration, and deployment of Rockwell Automation’s power components and energy monitoring software. Moreover, this discipline within the Partner program has stringent testing requirements for advanced electrical engineering topics in the area of power distribution design including application of Rockwell’s PQ&EM products for corrective power issues as well as the full integration of monitoring hardware and software for complete Power and Energy solutions for manufacturers.

Analytics | Advanced Analytics | IIoT | MES | Augmented Reality

Information Partners leverage Rockwell’s FactoryTalk Suite of products to provide a means of connecting real-time information being generated by plant assets on the production floor to the appropriate audience to make informed business decisions.

The majority of our projects include integration of several components of the FactoryTalk Suite, such as:

  • FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition
  • FactoryTalk VantagePoint EMI
  • FactoryTalk Metrics
  • FactoryTalk Transaction Manager
  • FactoryTalk AssetCentre

The FactoryTalk Suite utilizes the FactoryTalk Services Platform, which forms a Services Oriented Architecture that shares definitions, administration and real-time data across the FactoryTalk Components. We leverage this “off-the-shelf” architecture and avoid risky “black-box” type solutions to seamlessly integrate your information solutions into your Rockwell based control system and provide you information that matters to make informed decisions.

Industrial IT and IIoT are ever important parts of the Information discipline, as the convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) has been transforming the industrial automation industry for over a decade. The adoption of unmodified internet protocol running on Ethernet in place of proprietary communications systems has fundamentally changed the way we design control systems. Now more than ever, the compute, security, and communications resources that are the backbone of our OT systems mirror best-practices established in the Enterprise IT world. This convergence, however, requires specialized skill sets and certifications to properly design, configure, and deploy robust Industrial IT systems. We leverage the CPwE (Converged Plantwide Ethernet) Cisco/Rockwell validated designs as the basis for the logical framework of our Industrial IT solutions. VMware virtualization, Stratus fault-tolerant servers, Cisco Next Generation Firewall security, robust Panduit IAI infrastructure deployments, and advanced routing/switching practices are among the major areas of specialization for our Industrial IT team.

Case Study: Operationalizing OT Security with Malisko and Cisco Cyber Vision

Malisko was engaged by a leading global beverage manufacturer’s IT department to conduct a proof-of-concept installation of Cisco’s Cyber Vision at a pilot site.

CSU Alumni Toast Interdisciplinary Partnership Between Engineering and Fermentation Science

In the realm of industrial controls and automation, Steve (’75, ’77) and Dan (’02) Malyszko have brewed the right recipe for multi-generational engineering success in the fermentation technology realm.

Case Study: Emergency Callout Service (ECS) at Christmas Time Quickly Resolves Problems in Plant’s Critical Operations

A client contacted Malisko to assist with getting a critical system back up and running; a system that Malisko had nothing to do with.

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