Mechanical Contractor Relies on SI for Complete Controls Expertise for Pharma-grade HPW Skid


The deliverables of a mechanical contractor on a greenfield Research & Development pharmaceutical facility included supplying a skidded system to provide hot purified water (HPW). The contractor needed the electrical, controls and Human Machine Interface (HMI) of the system to be specified, designed, documented, procured, programmed, tested and validated. The contractor knew Malisko had the process experience and domain expertise with validated HPW systems. The contractor relied on Malisko to be its partner to deliver a robust automated HPW system to the end-user.


Several challenges had to be addressed during the project:

  • Mechanical Contractor had no prior experience with providing validated HPW skids.
  • The entire HPW skid along with the controls needed to physically fit within a small area.
  • The only documentation provided was a P&ID. Despite limited technical information, Malisko Technical Resources knew what topics to cover and how the control system should be designed.
  • No guidance or preference given on details by the end user.
  • Project schedule encountered numerous delays due to issues with the building construction. Malisko, however, kept its key resources engaged with the project during these delays in order to assure a high probability of delivering a quality solution as expected.


Using Malisko’s past experiences on validated HPW systems, the project team

  • Leveraged industry specific knowledge of larger Pharmaceutical PW systems to overcome lack of process descriptions or system requirements.
  • Designed Electrical Controls for Clean Room Installation.
  • Specified and procured controls hardware including PAC, HMI, instrumentation and valves.
  • Designed a simple yet powerful control platform using Rockwell CompactLogix PAC with onboard IO.
  • Programmed robust process control and monitoring system.
  • Developed intuitive HMI using Rockwell Panelview Plus 7 1000.
  • Specified lightly managed ethernet switch to support communications among PAC, valves, HMI and Plant Network.
  • Created checkout documentation to validate system installation and functionality.
  • Off-site FAT was performed against the IQ and OQ validation documents.
  • Provided onsite commissioning resource to test system and train operations on the system.
  • Provided onsite validation resource to help create documented evidence that the control system met operational and functional requirements as specified.


Malisko helped deliver a working, validated HPW system that was “First Time Right”, on time and within budget.

  • Minimal adjustments to loop tuning or set points were needed.
  • System was commissioned and validated in one (1) day as a result of Malisko’s practice of extensively off-site testing prior to installation.
  • System was able to deliver above and beyond what the customer expected due to Malisko having knowledge of these types of systems from past project work.

Malisko is familiar with the pharmaceutical industry: Malisko Engineering has performed extensive work with Water Systems in the Pharma industry. This includes Water Makeup, Water Distribution, Loop SIP (Steam in Place). Proper monitoring of water quality is of extra high importance in this industry so conductivity, TOC (Total Organic Carbons), and Temperature Monitoring is critical. This system feedback must be used to assure that only quality water is delivered throughout the process.


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