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Why IPAM Should Be the Cornerstone of Asset Management in OT Departments

In Operational Technology (OT) environments, the management of assets is a critical component of maintaining system integrity, security, and efficiency. However, many OT departments still rely on antiquated methods for tracking and managing one of the most fundamental aspects of their network infrastructure: IP addresses. Traditionally, this information has been managed using spreadsheets—a method that is not only cumbersome but also prone to errors and inefficiencies. The solution? Implementing an IP Address Management (IPAM) system as a cornerstone of any OT department’s management plan for assets.

The Limitations of Spreadsheets

While spreadsheets are a familiar tool, they are incredibly limited in scope and functionality when it comes to the dynamic needs of modern OT environments. Spreadsheet management of IP addresses and network data is prone to human error, lacks real-time updating capabilities, and does not support the scalable, automated processes needed in today’s complex network environments. Furthermore, as the network grows and changes, maintaining accuracy and consistency across spreadsheets becomes a formidable challenge.

The Power of IPAM

IPAM solutions offer a robust alternative, providing a centralized repository for all IP address-related information. They offer dynamic tracking, automated management of IP spaces, and detailed reporting capabilities that can accommodate the complexities of modern networks. Here are several key benefits of adopting an IPAM solution in an OT environment:

Single Source of Truth

IPAM serves as a single source of truth for all network-related information in OT environments. This centralization eliminates inconsistencies and duplicates found in manual records, providing a reliable and up-to-date overview of the network infrastructure. This visibility is crucial not only for day-to-day operations but also for planning and executing network changes with minimal disruption.

Enhanced Network Efficiency

With features like automated IP address tracking, subnet allocation, and DNS/DHCP management, IPAM significantly reduces the administrative burden on network managers. It streamlines processes and frees up valuable resources, allowing OT professionals to focus on more strategic tasks.

Improved Security

IPAM tools enhance network security by providing detailed visibility into every device on the network. This visibility is critical for detecting unauthorized devices and potential security threats. Moreover, the centralized nature of IPAM allows for quick responses to security incidents, minimizing potential risks and impacts.
Integration with Asset Discovery Tools and Asset Management Platforms

Advanced IPAM solutions can integrate seamlessly with other key IT and OT management tools. For example, asset discovery tools like Cisco’s Cyber Vision can feed vital asset information into the IPAM via APIs. This integration enables the IPAM to automatically update and maintain a detailed inventory of all connected devices, their statuses, and their configurations.

This accurate and comprehensive data can be further utilized by asset management platforms such as ServiceNow. By feeding detailed, real-time asset information into ServiceNow, organizations can enhance their asset management processes, enabling better asset tracking, maintenance scheduling, and lifecycle management. This integration provides critical OT context that is essential for effective decision-making and strategic planning.


For OT departments looking to modernize their network management practices, transitioning from spreadsheets to an IPAM solution is a strategic move that can lead to significant improvements in efficiency, security, and overall network management. IPAM not only simplifies the management of IP addresses but also serves as a foundational element for broader IT and OT asset management strategies. By serving as the central hub for network information and integrating with other essential management tools, IPAM solutions enable a more cohesive, secure, and efficient management framework that is capable of supporting the complex demands of modern industrial environments.


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