Case Study

One Integrator Helping Another Integrator with Deliverables to an Important Client


A reputable local integrator brought in Malisko to provide Industrial IT services in helping set up new server functionality on a food manufacturer’s existing infrastructure for an OT system upgrade. Close collaboration with their client’s IT group was essential. Eight (8) new VMs (Virtual Machines) as well as Remote Desktop Services (RDS) for hosting client sessions needed to be configured. The local integrator also asked Malisko to assist them with setting up a simulation environment for testing purposes prior to installing the upgraded HMI’s in their client’s production facility.


Provide a robust server-based system following best practices for:

  • thin clients
  • alarms and events
  • HMI application platform
  • engineering workstation
  • Convert stand-alone HMI systems to a network distributed application
  • Allow for plant-wide viewability
  • Integrate server and thin clients into the existing OT network in compliance with client’s corporate IT guidelines.


  • Project success required the Integrator’s team to effectively navigate and communicate with their client’s IT group on what changes were needed on the existing IT infrastructure to accommodate the OT system upgrade.
  • Client’s local IT resource had limited system permissions thus requiring all necessary configuration requests on the existing infrastructure to be escalated to corporate IT
  • Requesting permission from the client’s corporate IT to have them change group policies and firewall rules to accommodate the planned OT system upgrade at the local plant
  • Licensing issues across VMs
  • Security architecture compatibility with the client’s existing implementation plans.
  • Initiate and facilitate cross-functional collaboration involving the local integrator, the client’s plant manager, client’s local IT resource and their corporate IT group
  • Server configuration including eight (8) VMs
  • Rockwell’s Factorytalk installation/configuration and Thin Manager installation/configuration
  • Help migrate standalone PanelView applications to ViewSE Network Distributed at version 11
  • Local Integrator relied on the more experienced integrator to provide a fully supportable server system based on best practices, OEM’s recommended configurations and client’s corporate IT policies.


  • Functioning FactoryTalk distributed architecture
  • PanelView files to ViewSE for plant-wide viewing
  • Successful handoff by Malisko to the local Integrator allowing them to move forward with their part of the project and complete their deliverables to their client
  • Both local Integrator and their client were happy with the architecture and its performance
  • Laid the foundation for the local Integrator to move forward with phase 2 of their client’s project.

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