Case Study

Global CPG Manufacturer Taps Malisko to Be Master Automation Integrator to Achieve High OEE for New US Production Line


A global consumer products manufacturer made the business case to install a new production / packaging line to increase capacity. The CPG manufacturer wanted the new line to achieve, then maintain, a high Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to meet production demands. Malisko was asked to be the Lead Automation Integrator for the new line and develop a fully integrated line control with various OEM equipment.


  • Achieve a high OEE line performance and optimization to meet aggressive production goals.
  • Respond instantly to changes in performance effectiveness
  • Connect the controllers of all machines together on a common network to exchange data
  • Enable upstream and downstream machine communication.
  • Institute a standard inter-processor communications schema and structure for the OEM controls engineers to follow.
  • Provide consistency in the data structures and performance-related nomenclature among the OEM controllers for line performance.
  • Adhere to the project’s budget and aggressive schedule.


  • The “COVID-19 Effect”
  • Collaboration had to be mostly “remote”
  • Subcontractors from other countries had to hire 2nd and 3rd party resources to communicate and work with Malisko, the client and the other OEMs.
  • Multiple language translations
  • Communication among international OEMs.
  • Tying together different machine types and working with different OEMs
  • Very tight schedule required constant coordination with OEMs
  • Constantly updating client with status of OEE data implementation.
  • Connections to devices that were not natively speaking to each other
  • Some machine controllers were not equipped to talk via ethernet
  • Weighers and printers not configured for ethernet communications.
  • Establish clear and effective communications with the control engineers of each OEM supplier.
  • Maintain a regular cadence of meetings among the OEM engineers/programmers.
  • Tied together the various OEM controller systems into a “Head PLC” / “Line Control PLC” configuration.
  • Enabled machine performance optimization via machine-to-machine communications based on the established standard schema and data structure.
  • Made all logical connections to the “Head” ControlLogix.
  • Data aggregation of all work cell data to a single point for MES and OEE software platforms.
  • Facilitated project and production management alignment and coordination
  • Extension of the customer’s project team
  • Working with operators, supervisors and leadership
  • Expanded project scope during on-site startup and commissioning as requested by the client:
  • We weren’t just on the floor programming controllers
  • We were coordinating with all the OEMs and filtering their requests to the client
  • We served as the primary conduit for communication and coordination
  • Extensive on-site testing and information analysis to verify accuracy and reliability of OEE calculations


  • Increase efficiency and productivity on the plant floor.
  • Project scope, schedule and budget were accomplished.
  • Successfully connected all work cells on one line.
  • Successfully created dashboards and reported line OEE.
  • Client has selected Malisko to expand the implementation to the other lines in the facility.

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