Case Study

Upgrading Food Manufacturer’s Outdated Historian Platform During “Little-To-No”Downtime Window


A food manufacturing client of ours had an outdated and unsupportable historian for its manufacturing operation that was negatively affecting its production yield and record keeping. Our client needed to update to a contemporary historian to restore their excellent record of meeting production and quality goals. The conversion to the newer historian platform had to be performed without disrupting the client’s 24×7 production operation. Malisko was tasked with helping our client meet its expectations for a robust data historian.


  • Historian
  • Software Configuration
  • Virtualization
  • Controls
  • Production Support
  • Process Data


  • Install and commission a robust, secure and supportable historian for production data without interrupting the plant’s daily operation.
  • Meet the project’s cost and schedule requirements.


  • The four (4) systems consisted of different platforms of control and HMI.
  • Configuring a Wonderware IDE Galaxy along with historical templates that suited each of the systems’ needs.
  • Establishing a data format standard that could be applied to the different platforms.
  • Getting the OEMs of each system to follow the standards set by MEI and Client.


  • Upgraded work done with old system in parallel to allow maximum testing and minimal / no downtime.
  • Constantly working with company corporate IT to work through issues from company-based modifications to the OS.
  • Configured Plant provided Hyper-V images
  • Configured Wonderware Servers
  • Migrated Wonderware objects and applications from existing to new
  • Configured and tested Thin Manager Hyper-V images


  • Maximized preliminary testing resulting in minimized production interruptions.
  • Successful upgrade, no production interruption was switched over during production’s normal cleanup period.
  • Client has a robust, secure, supportable and documented historian platform for years to come.

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